Morgan John Rhys 1760 -1804



A brief history

Morgan John Rhys was born on the Graddfa Farm above where Llanbradach now stands. The farm was built of stone with a roof of stone tiles as these were the materials available in this area. Morgan kept warm by sitting near the fire. He would read his Bible by candlelight. He lived with his father and mother, John and Elizabeth and his four brothers, John, Rees, Thomas and William.

Morgan’s father didn’t want him to be just a farmer so he sent Morgan to a Circulating School where he learnt to read and write in Welsh. He then went on to a school run by David Willliams of Pwllypant. Not many children or adults received an education at that time so he was rather privileged.

He saw that many people in the area couldn’t read or write so he started free day schools and Sunday schools. Morgan was also a Minister so he taught about God. Morgan was very clever and helped the poor here and went over to France to give out Bibles.

He went to America in 1794 where he campaigned for the rights of the North American Indians and negro slaves. He established the township of Beulah in the County of Cambria. He died there the day before his forty fourth birthday. He had a wife and five children. He is buried in Pennsylvania.